Homes within Homes is a not-for-profit organisation promoting the innovative use of the UK’s existing housing stock to increase the supply of good quality, affordable homes to rent in a safe and regulated environment, providing income for homeowners

The purpose of this website is to promote practical ways to use our existing housing stock to increase the supple of homes for rent and to establish a community interested in this idea. Homes within homes advocates that house-owners, remaining in occupation, let out independent, self-contained areas for living in their houses, providing an income for themselves and affordable accommodation for tenants

HOMES w HOMES Conversion

Whats involved?

  • Internal doors to provide secure access to separate, independent areas for living for a tenant and house-owner who continues to live in the property
  • Installation of low cost kitchenettes and bathroom facilities
  • Simple reversible partitions if desirable
  • No major structural building works
  • No costs to provide separate metered services, electricity and gas
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£s Rents, Pensions and Houses

  • Affordable rents inclusive of gas, electricity, water and council tax charges
  • Providing an income for Homeowners
  • With no land to purchase or substantial building works conversions are financially secure.
  • Ideal option For:
    • Homeowners who want income
    • House-sharing
    • Elderly relatives accommodation
    • Some divorcing or separating couples
    • Live at home adult children
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Regulatory, TAX and Social Environment

We propose Government oversight and a scheme for HMRC approval to encourage house-owners to convert and let ensuring:

  • Good standards of accommodation for renters at affordable rents inclusive of shared energy and similar household costs
  • tenants enjoy secure terms but with enhanced protection for home-owning landlords continuing to occupy their premises
  • Homes within Homes will reduce the environmental impact of new build.
  • Massive social benefits in sharing our energy resource
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There is a Housing Crisis. It can be solved but we need to use what we have, our existing housing stock, not just what we aspire to build in the future

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