Whats involved?

Do your own HOUSE WALK-THROUGH …………………. and see what may work for you now or in the future.

Imagine you wanted to rent out a portion of your house for an income or to share your house with an elderly relative, adult child or partner from whom you may be separating

Walk through your front door, look at your staircase

and hallway and consider where you could partition off an

independent section of your house; this would most commonly                              Thought bubble / graphic

be at the stairwell, with one door leading up the stairs to your

rented flat and a separate door, one that may already exist

into your Ground floor living area.

Now…….. go up stairs and imagine that:

One bedoom remains as it is, which one would you choose to be

a bedroom for your tenant?

Your second bedroom…… would be the tenants living room, here                             Thought bubble / graphic

you could put in a kitchenette

Look at your bathroom, maybe there’s nothing to do here

If you have a loft area ……. Could this be converted into a second                             Thought bubble / graphic

bedroom to let out or not?

Now …… go to the Ground Floor

Which Reception room would you use as your Living area and                                 Thought bubble / graphic

which as your Bedroom?

Where might you fit a bathroom or shower room with toilet?

Kitchen, likely nothing to do here

Each Home within Home conversion is unique but they all share certain characteristics:

  • No brickwork construction, minimal works, with none of a permanent, structural nature unless a bigger conversion is justified and undertaken
  • No need to incur costs of installing separate services, electricity and gas, because the Homeowner and Tenant share metered services
  • Access to separate areas for living utilise existing hallways and stairs so no work is necessary other than stud-work partitions



If you would like to discuss your thoughts or ideas just email us using the Contacts Page and we will contact you.